Rogerstone Grassroots 07/01/2021

Book Swap in ’21……. Since inception in October, The Rogerstone Book Club is growing steadily. The group is now at 205 members, but admin of the group would love to reach so many more residents! There is lots and lots of books being donated and swapped, and with more members, this could be even more! We’ve exchanged and donated children’s’ books, thrillers, cookbooks and more. The Book Swap is providing an outlet for community members whilst libraries are currently closed due to lockdown, and is totally free. Although some members do prefer to swap books, the majority are happy to donate knowing it will be paid forward into the community. Ellie Reid, who started the page on Facebook during the first lockdown to access more reading material for her children told me “This page has kept my 10 year old, who is an avid reader, in reading material for 4 months now, completely free of charge, and all thanks to the kindness of our fantastic community.” Why not make joining our local community book swap a resolution you can keep in ’21, Join the group for free by searching Rogerstone Book Swap on Facebook.


COOP Food Share… I’ve been working closely with developers helping to bring our new COOP to Rogerstone, I recently spoke to the area manager to offer support and to  check on progress and in our conversation he told me ‘one thing we do need is a food share partner where we link with local community groups to take our surplus food items perhaps you could support us with raising awareness, We hate waste and as the store finds it feet so to speak this could be quite beneficial to local food redistribution organisations’  This is a great idea and whilst I’ve shared the link with groups I’m aware of its my understanding that the food share scheme works better if several groups are on hand, so, if you’re part of a local group that might benefit find out more and register at :


NHS needs our help….. The Aneurin Bevan Community Health Council is seeking the public’s support for donations to give to people staying in hospitals in Gwent. Some essential basics like nightwear and toiletries are needed for people whilst they are not able to have visitors on wards. The pandemic has meant people staying in hospital are running out these essentials quickly and donations from the public would go a long way to make their stay more comfortable. The Aneurin Bevan University Health Board has given a short list of essentials to the Community Health Council to collect and organise which local organisers have asked me to share with neighbours in Rogerstone and Newport,  Specifically they need: ladies and gentleman’s nightwear (new or not worn), soap, shampoo, shower gel, shaving foam and toothpaste. Both staff and patients would also appreciate individually wrapped boiled sweets. The Community Health Council is collecting these items on behalf of the Health Board and inpatients and will organise deliveries to the wards and people most in need. The Community Health Council can be contacted on 01633 838516 between 8:30am and 4:30pm Monday to Friday or via email to They can also be found on their Facebook page CIC Aneurin Bevan CHC. The staff at the Community Health Council would be happy to let people know more about how they can donate, organisers said ‘Thank you for anything you’re able to give to this cause’ so, come on Rogerstone lets come together once more like the one community we know we are, work together and help our NHS look after our neighbours in their care.


Vaccine talk… As regular readers and neighbours will know I believe in saying things directly and  I’ve said several times that this will be a long winter, Covid cases in Rogerstone remain high, most of the people I talk to now know someone close to them who has suffered with COVID-19, some in our community have lost loved ones, I’m sure you will join me in offering our communities deepest sympathies. I know in these dark days its easy to despair, everyone as bad days, the challenges of balancing home schooling, possible work worries and caring for those we love can be overwhelming, I’ve had many dark days too and have found focusing on one day at a time helps, but remember if you ever need someone to listen or sign posting to specialist help you can give me a call anytime on 07778 279235. There is hope, the vaccine roll out is well underway  and our Aneurin Bevan University Health Board IWN Team are offering to give talks to local groups in relation to the history of vaccination and why getting the COVID vaccination is important in terms of containing and significantly reducing the virus in our community. This is to support the roll out of the COVID-19 vaccine to priority groups in Wales which includes people in care homes, older people and people who have a chronic health condition, unfortunately there is a lot of fake news and misinformation out there, this talk will give you the facts and generally takes around 30 minutes, there is also an opportunity for questions. If you are interested in this talk about vaccination for your group contact: –  stay safe Rogerstone.

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