Rogerstone Grassroots 25/01/2021

‘The Glade’ Community Garden…Wild about Rogerstone were preparing to put spades in the ground at the community garden planned for our Welfare Grounds  before Christmas, but then received a generous offer from retired Rogerstone garden designer, Liz Davies, to do a professional design for us. Liz surveyed the site, considering the best fall of sunlight in ‘The Glade’ to suit vegetable and fruit beds and used her experience to create ‘flow’ through the garden that would suit a variety of users and, we’re  delighted with the final design, and this scale-drawn plan will help us to set the site out accurately as soon as lockdown permits. The funding allowed for the container at the garden site to be painted by a local artist and we are planning to engage Andy Rourke, who has recently painted wildlife murals for Llanfrechfa Grange Hospital – see Sarah Simons, founding member of Wild About Rogerstone told me ‘We are hoping the art installation and community garden will inspire local residents to consider wildlife in their own gardens, which are such a crucial resource to declining bird, mammal and insect populations. Winter is a great time to plant bare-root fruit trees or native shrubs, plant snowdrops ‘in the Green’ or plan which area of the garden you could set aside for wildlife this year’  The team  are hoping the meadow project will get off the ground this spring as well after stalling due to Covid. If you would like to get involved in any projects, please email us at or keep an eye out for volunteer days on our Facebook group Sarah and the Wild About Rogerstone team have done a great job, I’m sure our whole community will join me in saying thank you helping Rogerstone move towards a greener future.


Help for small Business… Rogerstone is the home to many SME’s and entrepreneurs who I believe will play a crucial part  in our City’s recovery post Covid, I’ve been working with and advising   Business In the Community  recently, given my support for small business, Business in the Community are offering a free support programme to small business owners based in Rogerstone and  Newport. If you are a business of between 2-250 employees based in Newport, complete this very brief  form  and the guys will be happy to get in touch, assess needs and identify how you can benefit from this support programme. If you have any questions regarding this programme contact Clare Rudall, Senior Lead for Wales, BITC, MAIL, Facebook – Business in the Community Cymru, Twitter – @BITCCymru and @CRudall, LinkedIn – Clare Rudall


River Route…. There’s been a lot of feedback on socials media recently about a need to improve the ‘River Bank Route’ running  from just past  Afon Village along to the Welfare and to Bassaleg. Last Autumn I invited Newport Councils Access Development and Public Rights of Way Officer to walk the route with me, I also invited your fellow City Councilors and Yvonne Forsey, who’s a keen interest on improving the path and who as done some work on the path previously  joined us, for clarity here’s the latest unedited update from the officer ‘Regarding the plans to explore upgrading the river route to an active travel/shared use surfaced path – we are hoping to be able to incorporate a feasibility study into our bid for works next year. This study will help to give us an outline of challenges and identify the most appropriate route and level and type of works needed. This is generally required for all projects but will certainly be essential for this given the numerous constraints associated with the route (nearby river, flood risk, erosion, trees, nearby utilities etc). Following this we will be in a better position to bid for development and construction works. The bids we put together will be submitted to Welsh Government who will assess and award funding so unfortunately I can’t give any guarantees at this stage. On a related note we will be launching an Active Travel consultation on 25th January – today – This will be an online map based consultation where members of public can pin point exactly where they want to see improvements and add comments to support this. The results of this consultation will then help to inform future active travel maps where we identify where future routes and priorities need to be implemented. The river route has already been identified as a possible future route on our current network map but I would encourage as many residents as possible to take part feed into this consultation as it’s a great opportunity to highlight how beneficial this route and any others in their local area could be. We’ll be releasing some further info on social media and on the NCC webpage about this over the coming week, the consultation will be open for 12 weeks so plenty of time for public to get involved’ So, if you’d like to see our ‘River Route’ improved, say so! And get involved in the consultation, its important to make clear this will be a long potential project, costing several hundreds thousand of pounds, with many challenges however, if we work together, we’ve an opportunity to do this.


Leave the car ….. Thanks to the neighbours who’ve been in touch concerned about people driving to Fourteen Locks sometimes parking on nearby roads during lockdown, I recently took part in a ITV news segment on the issue, the truth is we’re all getting frustrated and fed up, I get that,  it’s easy to forget and pick up the keys for a non-essential journey to Fourteen Locks, I’ve also noted many cars visiting our Welfare but  if we all follow the rules, we’ll be able to enjoy beautiful spots in and around our community together again, soon, Rogerstone as had some of the highest COVID rates, I urge readers to help us keep our community and loved ones safe, leave the car at home, stay away for now safe in the knowledge  we look forward to welcoming you back, soon.


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