Rogerstone Grassroots 22/11/2018

Festive Tea…. A Christmas coffee morning will be held at Trinity, in Glasllwch Lane, from 10.30a.m.- 12.00p.m. on Saturday 1st December and everyone is welcome. Trinity Church will be welcoming the mayor and mayoress of Newport to their “Toy” service on the morning of 2nd December. The donated toys and items for teenagers will be given to the Action for Children Foster Team who will distribute them to children in the Newport area. The following Sunday, at 5.00p.m. there will be a time for reflections on Advent. Many families have been enjoying Messy Church on Saturday afternoons, and their “Messy Nativity” at 10.30a.m. on Sunday 16th December is eagerly looked forward to. This will be followed by a traditional carol service at 6.00p.m. As the excitement grows as we get nearer to  Christmas, there is an open invitation to join in the very popular family Christingle Service, which will start at 5.00p.m on Sunday 23rd December. Trinity’s Christmas Eve late night communion service will begin at 11.15p.m., and on Christmas morning there will be a Celebration Service at 10.00a.m. There is a warm invitation to everyone to join in any of these services. You can find more information on the Trinity website


Fayre time….Mount Pleasant School is holding its Christmas Fayre this Friday 30th November 3.30pm-5.30pm in the school hall.  Admission is free.  There will be plenty of games and prizes, refreshments, Usbourne books, Amanda’s Crafty Cakes and of course Father Christmas in his grotto.


It’s beginning to feel a lot like…meanwhile parents at Highcross are getting ready for the annual High Cross Primary School Christmas Fayre which takes place on Saturday 1st December 2018 between 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm. There are a number of local businesses who are attending with a variety of different stalls. There will be fun games to play and the School Choir will be performing. There’ll also be a  ‘Hunt The Elf’  and lots of seasonal  refreshments for you to buy. There’s also a fantastic Grand raffle prize draw with lots of great prizes to be won. As always all funds raised goes towards the School and the team at Highcross do an incredible job supporting the school,  If you’d like to have a stall then there are still a few places left you can contact the School on  01633 895472 or E mail to find out more. Michelle The Chair of the PTA told me ‘We really appreciate the support of our community  and look forward to seeing you all on the Day’


Not everyone wants socks for Christmas….Like many neighbours in Rogerstone I’ve been concerned about the raise in homelessness and rough sleeping in Newport and I’ve been learning about and, where I can,  supporting the work of The Wallich, The Wallich are  a homelessness charity working in and around Newport and they’ve asked me to talk to you about a controversial subject this year: shoebox collections. During the Christmas period, family, friends and festivities dominate our time. But sometimes our minds turn to people without those cherished things; vulnerable people without loved ones or homes – people living alone and on the streets. So, we begin to feel an urge to help, in any way we can .Around Christmas time, homelessness and housing charities receive a lot of very generous donations of shoeboxes, toiletries, food and clothes from the public. They are distributed to those who need them but due to the sheer amount of items collected, there’s usually too many. Many small charities become overwhelmed by these items and many don’t have enough space to store things for when people need them throughout the rest of the year – not just at Christmas At The Wallich, the team want to be able to provide provisions for their clients which are suitable, fit properly and protect against the weather at any time. People come in all shapes and sizes and they want people to have a dignified experience when receiving donated clothes. The items need to be appropriate and if the service users have an element of choice, it all goes towards building up a person’s confidence after being homeless. To be clear they’re not telling everyone to stop collecting shoeboxes. But they arecalling for a common-sense approach when it comes to donating items. Ask charities or individuals what they need. Or there’s another option: The Wallich’s Pass the Parcel scheme is an alternative to the traditional shoebox campaign. By going online, you can buy a ‘virtual shoebox’ for £5, £10 or £25 each. This specific pool of money is ringfenced to buy brand-new items for people that are the correct size and whenever they need them throughout the year. The three shoeboxes on offer are inspired by real people who have worked with The Wallich; Cheryl, Bob and Lyn.*The Cheryl box (Fresh & Clean Pack – £5). Cheryl was sleeping rough and only had a few belongings. She carried a big purse containing make-up, wet wipes and personal hygiene products which she always asked The Wallich to re-stock. She said, “Just because I’m homeless, doesn’t mean I have to look like a mess”. Personal care was important for Cheryl. The ability to keep clean fosters dignity and self-worth and can be an important step in moving away from the streets. The Bob box (Warm & Dry Pack – £10). Bob had been on the streets for months and one of his biggest struggles was keeping warm and dry. Bob said, “When you get wet on the streets, you stay wet and you cannot warm back up.” Warm, dry items such as thermals, waterproof bags and gloves can give some short-term comfort and keep people healthy until they ready to engage with services and move away from rough sleeping. The Lyn box (Top-to-Toe Pack – £25). Lyn was a slim man and a lot of the donated clothes available were too big for him, so he struggled to keep warm. Lyn resorted to accepting women’s clothes and commented that, although he was embarrassed, he “had no choice”. This element of choice is so important to people sleeping rough. In an already devastating situation, the last thing vulnerable people need is to feel like they have no dignity and that their choices have been taken away from them. These boxes will also help rough sleepers in the future, not just in winter. You may not think about it now, but hot weather poses a new set of challenges. Those on the streets in August won’t need woolly hats, but water and sun cream. Every person, no matter what their situation, deserves the choice to maintain their dignity and improve their confidence. This ultimately could be the first step out of homelessness towards a brighter future.*Names have been changed to protect the identity of individuals. To buy a Cheryl, Bob or Lyn virtual shoebox for someone experiencing homelessness in Newport, visit The Wallich website: Visit:


You’ve gotta have Faith…The Faith Church on The Wern Industrial Estate as had a busy year, I caught up with Pastor Mike on the weekend, here’s what he had to say looking back on 2018 and plans for Christmas ‘Things at faith church are going really well as we head into the Christmas season. Our community coffee shop is near completion and we hope to have it open in mid-January.  We are excited to be hosting the Brownies Christingle service on Monday the 4th of December. This is the first year we have hosted their service and they have become a valued part of the warehouse community.  We have our faith church carol concert on the 16th of December at 6 pm. This is a great opportunity for us all to take a moment to celebrate the real reason for the Christmas season and come together as a community, Our charity Storfa is stocking up for the next year. We have had the privilege of supporting around 2 families a week over the last 12 months. We have a great team in place but we are still looking for local business to financially help us with what we do. We are in real need of a new van as our trusty delivery van is on its last legs. If anyone could help with this that would be much appreciated’ Mike continued ‘As a the Pastor of Faith Church I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. If Christmas is a challenging time for you they is a family at faith that would love  to become you to be part of the family regardless of your faith or background and for us to enjoy Christmas together’ Thanks to Mike and all at Faith Church for the god work you do in Rogerstone and Newport.


Decks the Halls…. Our  Community Council would like to invite  you to our annual  Community Carol Service at St John’s Church Wern Terrace, Rogerstone, Newport on Thursday 6th December 2018  at 7.30pm By Kind arrangement with the Church at St John’s, I love this local event and see it as the beginning of Christmas in Rogerstone, why not save the date to your calendars?


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