Rogerstone Grassroots 05/10/2020

Positive Change at Tregwilym Lodge …. I recently caught up with the team at Tregwilym Lodge to find out more about some of the incredible work they’re doing, General Manager Karen Healey told me  “Tregwilym Lodge provides nursing and residential care to people diagnosed with dementia. Our residents need to stay connected to their interests using specific activities that are personalised to each resident.” To help provide this vital care, Rogerstone local Brittany Nocivelli as been appointed as Activities Lead, Brittany said “Exciting changes are being made here at Tregwilym Lodge. I am pleased to be a part of these changes as the newly appointed Activities Lead. With the support and vision of our dedicated General Manager, Karen Healey, I cannot wait to start planning and carrying out new, meaningful activities for all of our residents. I have already been overwhelmed with the response of the community when I made a post on Facebook for donations of activity resources. Our residents now have an abundance of new books, craft items, DVDs and CDs. Brittany added ‘We would love any further donations of musical instruments. With my team I am looking forward to developing person-centred activity timetables for each of our residents, as well as group activities. The donations we have received will be invaluable in allowing us to develop these meaningful activities and for this we are very grateful.” I’m sure all our community would join me in thanking the team for all they do, if you have any musical instruments you’d like to donate get in touch with the team on facebook or by calling 01633 896100, please don’t turn up with donations as Covid restrictions may apply.


Not Out at Rogerstone Welfare Cricket…What an unusual season, or rather part season our local cricket team have  had in 2020 and one which will be remembered for many years I’m sure.   In March when Covid-19 restrictions were put in place many of the cricket fraternity did not think there would be any cricket played despite the fact that the game by nature is a socially distancing game. However, thanks to the sterling work by Cricket Wales liaising with the Senedd a little hope appeared on the horizon.  In January Cricket Wales had just appointed a new CEO, Leshia Hawkins who had just moved to Cardiff from Lords Crickets HQ.  Leshia certainly had ‘a baptism of fire’ from the start and with staunch support from Mark White , East Wales area manager, manged first to get clubs permission to allow net practice under strictly controlled rules in early July with one family only allowed to practice together.   Then on the 18th July permission was given to play games. This was again under strict conditions with players having to come ready changed to play and to sit outside, socially distanced and with both teams in different areas. Gone was the traditional sit-down teas, players had to bring their own. No one was allowed into the pavilion other than for the use of toilets and one person in the kitchen to serve drinks through the window. Fortunately, The South East Wales Cricket League had been forward thinking enough to have already set up contingency plans for competitive competition from 1st Aug. Premier League Clubs in our area were also included, Derek Picken from the club told me ‘we got the youth section up and running to give the youth of the area some much needed recreational enjoyment after their long break from school. In what would normally be a quiet period we played about 60% of our normal number of games. We also thank our president and vice presidents and sponsors for their tremendous help, The Senedd, our Senedd representative, Jayne Bryant, who kept us informed and Cricket Wales. We would also like to thank The Rogerstone Community Council for their continued support especially Steve Davies and his stall who did a tremendous job in helping us through this difficult time. We also thank Nat West Cricket Force for providing copious PPE and hand sanitiser. The Club also thank one of our new sponsors, Cleany Queeny for their very thorough deep clean and fogging of our facilities’ Last but not least, thanks to the  team of coaches, volunteers and the parents for their tremendous help throughout the season. We hope 2021 brings better things but who know? Whatever the future holds  we  know RWCC  remain committed to our community, thank you for all you do guys.


Kick Off at Rogerstone AFC…..The 2019/20 campaign gathered momentum quite quickly for all of our three Rogerstone AFC  sides until the Covid-19 pandemic hit,  The 1st Team were sitting comfortably at the top of league after 11 games, winning 10, losing 1. Our 2nd Team were 2nd to Lliswerry who were several points ahead playing one less game, and our 3rd Team were in 4th place with fixtures in hand over those occupying positions above.  As we all know so well, proceedings were brought to a halt due to this  terrible global pandemic. Uncertainty remained for quite some time, teams within the Welsh Football pyramid were eager to find whether their final league standings would result in promotion or relegation for their respective clubs. In May, 1st Team Manager Dean Taylor confirmed that he would be moving onto pastures new, leaving the club to pursue his Welsh League ambitions; the search for a new 1st Team Manager began. In June, the club were extremely happy to promote long standing 2nd Team Manager, Rhys Jones to the 1st Team post for the 2020/21 campaign. It was confirmed by the Gwent Premier League in July, that promotion and relegation would be based on a points per game basis, which meant our  Rogerstone AFC 1st Team would be promoted to the Premier Division; fantastic news for the club as they continue to strengthen year on year. With the increasing expectations that the 2020/21 season would get underway in September preparations were being made for the forthcoming season, but with local lockdowns being enforced and stricter restrictions in several welsh counties it remains unclear when football will resume, if at all this year. Nevertheless, Rogerstone AFC are very proud to launch the new shirt for the 2020/21 season, see facebook for details, the team would like to give a  huge thank you to Tiny Rebel Brewery for their continued sponsorship and support.  Visit to pre-order yours now to support your local grassroots football club.


One Community….  It’s been great putting together this week’s column catching up with our local sports teams and those who care for the elderly and being able to share some good news from our community with you, during the past  months we’ve all  witnessed ordinary people doing amazing things representing all that’s best about the ‘one community’ we spoke about before and during the pandemic, has we enter an uncertain autumn and winter I know  many in our community are now facing job worries and uncertainty about the future  lets  continue that great spirit of togetherness and do all we can to help and support each other on these dark long days and nights ahead we really do have far more in common than anything that might divide us,   Remember if you’ve any news to share  get in touch and, if appropriate, I’ll share it with our community in this column, if you’ve got an issue or idea and feel I  might be able to help with  get in touch anytime on 07778 279235.


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