Covid-19 Update from Councillor Chris Evans

At the very beginning of this pandemic, Chris recognised that it would be a long road urging Rogerstone to ‘come together like the one community I’ve spoke of for several years’ adding that we’ve ‘far more in common, that ‘we’re going to need each other, now more than ever’ having suffered symptoms of Covid at the very beginning of the pandemic and self-isolating,  Chris began a personal journey on  his daily works, chronicling the ‘rainbows’ and support for our key workers displayed in every part of Rogerstone, Chris was one of the first to advocate mask wearing posting pictures captioned ‘wear a damn mask’ which appeared in the press.

Like so many, Chris also faced the uncertainty about work and was considered for redundancy eventually agreeing to a lesser role inevitably on less money. This personal experience of what so many are going through strengthened Chris’s resolve to work towards a ‘Casnewydd Comeback’ from COVID-19, with community, compassion and cooperation at its very heart.

Chris kept in touch with local faith groups, volunteers, charities and  entrepreneurs during the lockdowns, helping raise over £1.9k with a local church which  was converted into hampers for those in need, Chris also continued to campaign on issues close to his heart like H.I.V; urging people to ‘get a test’ and raising the issue at Council  he capitalised on the success of the TV programme ‘It’s A Sin’ to help further HIV/AIDS awareness and understanding.

Looking to the future Chris says ‘We need too, I need too, do better, we can be better in the future, COVID is a once in a century human disaster, We all know people we’ve lost, family members taken ill, some of us have suffered ourselves, after all this, we can’t go back to being our worst, I’ve taken a good look at myself and the City I want to help build, I refuse to go back, I want to work at being my best, We need a Newport Recovery for all, what I’m calling a Casnewydd Comeback’. Lets work together, one thing we’ve learnt, life is way to short’.

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