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His goal as a Councillor is to help create a more caring, positive, prosperous Rogerstone and Newport, where everyone has an opportunity to succeed, and be proud of the community they live in.

Chris is always focused on delivering value for tax payers, creating a pro-jobs entrepreneurial ‘go getting’ economic climate, ensuring world-class schools and educational opportunities for every Newportonian, Chris is also really proud to have helped bring affordable homes to Rogerstone, providing quality homes for hard working families, our children and grandchildren.

Chris has spent recent years, reinvesting, in the city he really loves, supporting education, small traders, local volunteers and community organisations. He passionately believes that ‘ideas matter’ and, that ‘creative thinking’ is the key to future prosperity, he also has a reputation for ‘doing it differently’, and standing up, for what he believes in.

– Written by a supporter of Chris Evans. 

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  • RT  @tim_fargo : Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. - Mark Twain2 hours ago
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